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Why Choose Gator Buildings?

We have provided the answers to our most frequent questions below, but if you still have questions please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you.

Why Should I Buy from Gator Buildings?
  • Our reputation on craftsmanship and referrals of extremely satisfied customers given to you
  • Our super-duper 140 mph structural guarantee
  • We have sold on this Lot for over 18 years
  • We are General Contractors
  • Our amazing low prices
Why Don't You Guys Usually Finish the Inside of the Buildings?
We started off as shed builders, great shed builders. We specialize in the “shell” of the building. To finish the inside such as plumbing and electrical we will just “sub-it-out” like you can do. Most General Contractors will add double the costs of this here (big mark up). You can save a fortune if you orchestrate this part yourself.
Can You Refer Us to Some Great Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, and Carpet/Hardwood Floor people?

Yes, and have been doing so successfully for 15+ years. We know some great contractors (no charge to you)! Save thousands.

Where Do You Build geographically?
90% of our Buildings are built within 125 miles of Pensacola Fl. We build all along the coast of Alabama to Panama City, Florida.
Can You Build Outside That 125 Mile Radius Zone?
Yes, but some additional fees apply like hotel charges, gasoline, and travel time for our builders.
Why Do You Think Your Builders Are So Good?
Experience, Training, Experience and training. Our builders are the Best in the industry.
What About Financing?

The best interest rates you’re going to get are from your local bank by far. We work with Wachovia often and can get you a lender’s name to work with. He or she will show you the very best options for your loan. If you’re serious about buying we strongly recommend you get your financing in order first (can take less than an hour or two).

How Is Your Customer Service?
Top Notch. The best.
I'm Thinking About a Metal Building or a Metal Garage. Are They Cheaper?
Don’t be so sure (but please investigate). Iron Ore prices have risen 76% from May 2007 to May 2008 alone. Our wood supplies have actually gone down since we now buy in bulk. And the old cliche “you get what you pay for” still very much applies. We do great business after hurricanes because so little metal buildings stand the test (they are cheap and they rust!)
Do You Have Liability Insurance Policy?
Of course, we have to (and would be foolish if we didn’t).
One of Your Competitors Suggested That I Pull My Own Permit. Is That Legal?
We know of at least one competitor in Pensacola, Fl that does that. If you do, you take on All responsibilities and liabilities. And if you need a permit you still need a qualified and registered Building (General or Residential) Contactor to build for you. It’s the law. The fines alone are enormous to you and to the illegal builder (most fines are $5,000.00 +!!…yikes).
Can You Build Any Size?
Length and width yes. But we will only build up to 3 stories tall. Bring in your drawings (or just describe) and we’ll give you a very reasonable quote.
Can You Build Very Near the Ocean?
Yes, we have done so 100’s of times, but we have to check with zoning in your area.

When you’re ready to build your custom garage or custom shed with Pensacola’s best building contractor, call Gator Tough General Construction & Roof Company, Inc. today at (850) 432-9450.