Custom Building Features in Pensacola

Pensacola Custom ShedAt Gator Tough General Construction & Roof Company, Inc., our custom Pensacola buildings are among some of the best you could possible buy. A few of our amazing features are:

  • 2 year Warranty!!
  • Superior Quality and Prices (compare to Home Depot’s sheds, Mobile & Manufactured Homes)
  • 140 mph structural hurricane wind guarantee! (excluding flying/falling debris, tidal surges, land erosion or shingle damage)
  • We meet all Florida & Alabama building codes & much much more
  • Custom built on your land with expert personal craftsmanship (not factory built)
  • We can build to whatever size & dimensions you want
  • Have instant equity $$ built in the first day

When We Build Your Custom Home, Addition, Shed or Garage . . .


Gator Tough General Construction & Roof Company, Inc. include concrete slabs, walls, roofs/shingles, vinyl, floors, stairs, windows, framing, augers, porches, doors.

For comparrison, Modular Homes & Manufactured Homes (Trailers) can be:

  • Full of many hidden costs and often cost more than our finished buildings!
  • Structurally engineered & rated far less than our 140 mph rating (ask them)
  • Buildings that are very slow to appreciate (many even depreciate!)
  • Buildings that have zoning/restrictive covenants problems on private lots.
  • Full of bad air quality: “Concerns have surfaced recently about air quality in the trailers & the occurrence of respiratory and other symptoms resulting from exposure to formaldehyde or other respiratory irritants among residents of these mobile homes. CDC is working with FEMA to investigate the health concerns of those living in the trailers and mobile homes (2008).”
  • And other problems.

When you’re looking for custom building features in Pensacola, call on the professionals at Gator Tough General Construction & Roof Company, Inc. today. You can reach us at (850) 432-9450 or contact us here.