What Is A Pensacola Shell Build Home?

Home Shell Building PensacolaWhen Gator Tough General contractor and Roofing Company was formed and created, we had and still have a passion for design and functionality. We knew that the market we were thrust into had so many other builders that would become our competitors. We wanted something different. We wanted change from the traditional builder/homeowner relationship. We didn’t want to compete with anyone. So when we started our little business we decided we would try and save our clients as much as we could while making a profit, so we came up with what we call a “Shell Build Home“. I will tell you a little secret . . . almost all contractors sub-contract the lowest bid guy but the contractor adds his large fee on top. Is there anything wrong with doing it this way? Of course not but when you add 30%-40% to all interior finishes like flooring, paint, Sheetrock, cabinets and the list goes on.

Now what really gets me is when the electrician, plumber and the HVAC Company, who by the way hold a professional license and pull their own permits but the contractor is doing nothing except picking up the phone to call these companies and charges 30% to 40% on top of their fees we just feel something ain’t right. Now on a lighter note these subs can be a big pain in the rear and I started this company in hopes that one day maybe everyone can own a home sometimes you are having to guide them to finish. So I do understand why contractors charge these fees.

We love to create opportunities for younger people looking for a starter home or mom building a guest house behind her children. We love to offer what we refer to as a shell build home. Basically if you put in a little effort or if you want to put in a lot of sweat Equity you can build your home for way less than it is appraised at. So the first night you sleep in your new bedroom you are ahead of the game you have instant equity.

How Does Home Shell Building in Pensacola Work?

It’s real easy – you go online and find a plan that you like. You bring us said plan and we have a fairly short discussion about what you want to achieve by building this home. We take sometime to go over material, labor costs, equipment costs and come up with a very reasonable price.

So here is how we define a shell build home. We take the plans and markups you bring in and we design them to meet the municipal codes, energy efficiency codes as well as the hurricane codes.

Once we have approval from the city or county your property is in we start to break ground and place the foundation in your desired spot. We can use several foundations. The most common and cost effective is a monolithic concrete slab. For this we use 3000psi fibercrete (good stuff). We do however offer stem wall foundations, wooden piles, concrete piles and 2ft to 3ft concrete piers. Once the foundation is done we frame the exterior of the home. We then sheet the walls with panel construction. We then set engineered trusses or large rafter beam Construction. Once roof structure is in place we deck the roof with clients choice of decking and thickness. We then apply all of the moisture barriers to the complete exterior. We then install the windows and doors the client would have previously picked out in our showroom. Now we are ready for our roof and siding selections.


We offer them all . . . it usually comes down to budget. So once the exterior is done we stick frame the interior to separate the rooms to what you had previously picked with our designer.


No paint, electrical, plumbing, insulation, HVAC, cabinets or counters…However we have a long list of good honest licensed contractors to give you contractor prices to finish the building. And as the homeowner you can pull your own permits and do it yourself and save BIGG ? !!!


We construct buildings that last through the elements, storms and a bad relationship…they’ll be gone, but your home will still be there.

When looking for a professional, custom home shell build in Pensacola, call the experts at Gator Tough General Construction & Roof Company, Inc. today (850) 432-9450 or contact us here.